zen house

This open and bright house was designed following the "ZEN" principles of balance, stability, purity, tranquility and nature. This house achieves the highest energy performance, and a healthy and comfortable living environment, within the owner's budget. the increase in cost for the energy upgrade can be offset by ongoing savings in energy bills. This means the owner does not need to pay more for a high performance house.

Balance. Stability. Purity. Tranquility. Nature.

key features

Location: South Burnaby, BC
Type: Design + Build
Size: 4000 sq. ft.

EnerGuide Rating: 88
Airtightness: 0.71 ACH @ 50 Pa


- R-2000 Certified

A new housing envelope technique was developed from this construction; saves 75% of energy used by similar homes built under the same building code; a great room for meditation gatherings; ADA main floor and a flexible use basement.