point grey house

A unique split-level design optimizes the natural sunlight and views available to the location. With a contemporary exterior, Point Grey House mixes modern design with sophisticated elements that reflects the owner's sensibilities and the neighbourhood's character. As a certified R-2000 home, Point Grey House achieves the best in energy savings and indoor air quality.

Contemporary. Sophisticated. Comfort.

key Features

Location: Point Grey, Vancouver, BC
Type: Design + Build
Size: 3964 sq. ft.

EnerGuide Rating: 87
Airtightness: 1.1 ACH @ 50 Pa
Mechanical Features: High efficiency, fibre-glass frame, triple-glazed windows; High efficiency air source heat pump; Temperature and moisture sensing HRV with 80% heat recovery; New building envelope technique.


- R-2000 Certified

The master bedroom features in-floor radiant heating; Laneway house with high albedo roofing.