harmony house

Harmony House is a next-generation green building that uses proven and leading edge technologies to provide a resource efficient, zero-energy home. This net-zero home produces as much energy as it uses on an annual basis - all from renewable sources.

Innovation. Comfort. Net Zero.

key features

Location: Burnaby, BC
Type: Custom Build
Size: 4714 sq. ft.

EnerGuide Rating: 101
Airtightness: 0.75 ACH @ 50Pa
Mechanical Features: High efficiency fibre-glass frame, triple-glazed windows; High efficiency air source heat pump; Temperature and moisture sensing HRV with 80% heat recovery


- Net-Zero Certified
- CMHC EQuilibrium
- National Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative
- Ovation Awards, FortisBC Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency in New Construction: Single-Family Home
- Ovation Awards Finalist, Best Custom Home: $1 million - $2 million

Harmony House was an innovative project, and provided in consultation with NRCan, CMHC, and the City of Burnaby. It is the only EQuilibrium home to be constructed on the West Coast, and the first zero carbon building in BC, meaning it will emit no greenhouse gases from heating, cooling, hot water, and the use of electrical appliances.

Watch our Project Development videos to learn more about Harmony House.