Since early 2004, Insightful Healthy Homes Inc. has worked with CMHC and NRCan promoting Super E to the Chinese housing market. Super E is an export version of R-2000, a high quality, high performance, Canadian building approach. Arthur Lo has been involved in the development of many Super E promotional and technical materials. To this day, Insightful is the chief technical consultant for Super E in China.

Zero Ready Community

What is a zero ready community?

The objective of the Canadian Zero Ready Community in Shanghai is to develop, deploy, and promote clean technologies in the building of an energy efficient and sustainable cluster of housing with zero energy ready standards. The project emphasized integration of affordable and clean energy technology on a multi-dwelling scale. 

key features

Location: Daan Santa Barbara Garden, Shanghai
Consultant: Insightful Healthy Homes Inc.

- Consumes 75% to 80% less energy
- Reasonable construction: sold at a competitive price
- Sustainable community design
-Rainwater and waste management